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Reaching for 5,000,000!

As team Fold 4 Jesus nears the 5 million point milestone (any day now) we look forward to new folders joining the team and folding for His glory. Make sure you check out our guides on setting up you computer or PS3 to fold and join our team today!!

elitez28 Folding Farm Additions

Friday morning the UPS man stopped by and left a stack of Newegg boxes at the door, I grabbed them and made a bee-line for the test bench. 20 minutes later phase 1 of the new folding farm rig was ready to rock. I installed Windows 7 Pro and the graphics drivers, prepared my console …

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Fold4Jesus Reaches 1,000,000 Points

Starting 3 weeks ago with no points we’ve reached our first million points today! The team is also currently ranked in the top 3,100 teams in the world. Fold on!

Now Ranked In The Top 4,500

Climbing as fast as we can, and folding harder than ever, team Fold 4 Jesus is currently ranked in the top 4,500 teams in the world. This news comes only two weeks after starting at the bottom of the team ranks! New hardware will be coming online in the elitez28 folding farm to sustain our climb …

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Team Fold4Jesus is climbing!

Just four short days ago we were ranked at the bottom of the team list (194,127), now we hold position (12,840). Our climb through the ranks should leave no doubt in anyone’s mind that team Fold4Jesus is here to stay. As the team moves up more tracking options will be available from 3rd party stat sites like …

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How To – Setup Your PC To Fold

Almost Done 🙂              

How To – Setup Your PS3 To Fold

Getting Started   How do I get a copy of Folding@home for the PS3?   If you have a PS3 with the latest system update installed, Folding@home is now included in the “Life With Playstation” application. If not, you should navigate to system settings, scroll to the top and install the latest system upgrade. How …

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Hello world!

Just testing here! elitez28 Folding Farm stats: [advanced-xml:team]