It’s been a long time…

Folding has really taken off again! We’re ranked #960 after taking a multi-year break, this is a big drop from our old rank in the top 300. Let’s get back to it and try to put the Lord’s name back in the top 100.

It only took 100 million points to rank in the top 300 5/6 years ago, now it will take multiple billion points. This seems like a huge goal but a single 4090 makes 20-28 million points a day now. That’s absolutely staggering.

That’s all I have to say other than thank you and here is our 1 BILLION point certificate!

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    • AZBrandon on March 1, 2023 at 10:01 pm
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    It looks like at least a few of us are indeed folding this spring. The PPD from GPUs these days is wild. It’s also kind of amazing that there’s still a number of us contributing to this same team, I think it’s great. My stats say I first contributed to this team on June 13, 2011 and I think it’s a treat that there’s still folding going on. And we’re at least still in the top 1000, so we didn’t drop *too* far down the ranks!

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