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One Hundred and Thirty Million Points!

We’re currently ranked 370th overall! (This certificate isn’t actually up-to-date as the Stanford website no longer appears to update).

Howdy g2v!

Thanks for joining us and the 10M points you’ve cranked out so far! I’ll try to get some updates on the website and maybe set FAH up on my new rig.

Rich, What Are You Folding On?

The amount of points that you put up for the team is staggering. With that said, how do you do it?   This is an open discussion, anyone contributing to the team should feel free to post their rig here.

Fold4Jesus Reaches 20,000,000 Points

We’ve reached twenty million points today! The team is currently ranked in the top 460 teams in the world. I’d like to welcome a new member to the team, so welcome Daniel.Persson! AZBrandon folded for us while he had the chance and we thank him for his time. Fold on!

Happy Resurrection Sunday!

Enjoy this Easter, but don’t forget the true reason we celebrate it… It’s the day Christ rose from the tomb! Fold on!

We need your help!

To expand the Fold4Jesus operating capacity we need to buy a new server. It’s going to cost nearly $9,000. The server will have 4 processors that cost more than $1,200 each and thats only the beginning.  To reach our goal quickly we’ve turned to ChipIn to help us track and accept the donations toward purchasing this …

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Fold4Jesus Reaches 5,000,000 Points

From our humble beginnings 2 months ago we’ve grown to reach five million points today! The team is also currently ranked in the top 1,000 teams in the world. Fold on!

elitez28 Folding Farm Additions

Friday morning the UPS man stopped by and left a stack of Newegg boxes at the door, I grabbed them and made a bee-line for the test bench. 20 minutes later phase 1 of the new folding farm rig was ready to rock. I installed Windows 7 Pro and the graphics drivers, prepared my console …

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Fold4Jesus Reaches 1,000,000 Points

Starting 3 weeks ago with no points we’ve reached our first million points today! The team is also currently ranked in the top 3,100 teams in the world. Fold on!

Now Ranked In The Top 4,500

Climbing as fast as we can, and folding harder than ever, team Fold 4 Jesus is currently ranked in the top 4,500 teams in the world. This news comes only two weeks after starting at the bottom of the team ranks! New hardware will be coming online in the elitez28 folding farm to sustain our climb …

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